Legends of Dungeon World

The Slave Pits of Drazhu

Our story begins...

Captured and put to hard labor by the mad lich Drazhu, the devout paladin Regulus, the cocksure thief Jak, and the inscrutable wizard Hithrand face endless days of toil in subterranean slave pits. When the lich’s eldritch workings cause an earthquake, the opportunity for escape presents itself…


  • Hithrand reconnecting with the ether, and slaying the goblin task-master with an accurately-targeted magic missile
  • Battles with orcs and a giant spider
  • The retrieval of the Bloody Mantlet of Krandor, made brand-new through a minor (but stylish) cantrip from Hithrand
  • A perilous journey across a giant spiderweb spun over a bottomless chasm
  • Regulus fending off assassin vines by shattering a lantern full of fire beetle oil
  • A confrontation with the party’s jailor, the lich Drazhu, in which Jak’s attempt to embrace his former employer goes poorly, and Hithrand managing to augment his spells by tapping into the magical ritual of Drazhu’s Great Working
  • Regulus ending Drazhu’s plans by beheading the unholy creature with his halberd; the resulting outrush of energy turning the weapon to dust in his hands
  • The hoard of the lich: treasures including the Book of the Planes, a shining shortsword, the holy icon of the village Regulus is sworn to protect, and two dull gems (pried from the statue of some forgotten god)
  • The party emerging from their months of servitude, filthy, beaten, but unbowed, to find that Drazhu’s Great Working has blighted the landscape for miles. A town lies to the west, with the Shallow Sea beyond…


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